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GW's BBQ is a family owned and operated BBQ catering company located in San Juan, Texas. Like many, barbecuing was something that was done every weekend in the Watts home, bringing family and friends closer through every meal. George Watts Jr., owner of GW's BBQ, has always had a love for cooking which in turn led him to his dream of one day having his very own BBQ restaurant. Starting off small George began to do caterings on the side of his normal 9-5 job, until one day he decided to go even further into this dream and got a food truck. Starting a new chapter, the food truck kicked off an adventure that the Watts family wasn't expecting. GW's BBQ received so much love and positive feedback, and of course through many ups and downs, the food truck was very successful for what felt like four very fast years. But to every ending of a chapter there's a new beginning, and that's how we got here. Now located in San Juan, Texas we look forward to what this next chapter brings. We hope you love our food and enjoy it with your family and friends, as we have for decades!     ​

-The Watts Family

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